[cdt-l] steamboat

Mike DiLorenzo dilorenz at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 24 21:17:27 CDT 2006

are there any domesticated folks on the cdt-l who live in/near steamboat?

i'm planning to walk a mere 40 miles from rabbit ears pass to seedhouse (i 
think that's what the last/first road in colorado is called) next weekend as 
i had to skip this section last year due to a fire.  if anyone lives in 
steamboat, and might help me out with a shuttle, please email me off list.  
i was planning on parking at rabbit ears and hiking north on friday, 
hitching out of seedhouse back to steamboat then back to rabbit ears on 
sunday or monday, but it might be nice to hike it south bound and see if i 
can hike with any of this years thru hikers.  i'd just much rather hitch out 
of seedhouse back to rabbit ears than the other way.

anyway, if you live in/near steamboat, and might be willing to lend a hand, 
please email me off list.


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