[cdt-l] steamboat

Mike DiLorenzo dilorenz at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 25 09:50:59 CDT 2006


i'm wondering if there are any domesticated folks subscribed to the cdt-l 
who live in/near steamboat.  i plan to hike a too short 40 miles from muddy 
pass/rabbit ears pass to seedhouse (i think that's the name of the area with 
the last/first road in colorado) starting next friday and ending either 
sunday or monday to visit a section of trail i missed last year due to a 
fire.  i am planning on hiking north bound, parking at rabbit ears, and 
hitch hiking back to my car thru steamboat.  i hope to run into south bound 
hikers this way.  it also might be cool to hike southbound so that i might 
actually walk with some hikers, hence i'm sending this email.  i have no 
intentions of hitchhiking into seedhouse.  but last year  i hitched out of 
there and it wasn't that bad.  anyway, if you live in/near steamboat and 
might be interested in helping out with a shuttle, please email me off list.


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