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Hear, Hear!  (to John's suggestion that the continuous thread be for those on foot only and be clearly understood/marked if it is not!)

If I ever see another motocyclist tearing up what is clearly marked as footpath-only trail only while I am there on the spot, I will curse out loud, throw rocks, hit them with my poles, spit, scratch, anything I can think of.  This angers me to no end.

Tell me, Bruce Ward, what has the Association ever done to curtail illegal usage of the trail?  Slap the USFS on the back of their hands?

Karl Luce
(once again a member of the CDTA, don't ask me why...)

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> I really like the subversive idea of a matrix of routes. I think of the CDT 
> route as a bundle of loose threads (that sometimes converge) on a map of the 
> trail corridor. In contrast, PCT and AT are a strong rope connecting Mexico 
> & Canada. 
> Let the mapping of the CDT reflect a confounding, ever-changing possible 
> routes base on an individual's situation on a given hike. I've found that my 
> route to-date has been changed by conditions beyond my control: mostly snow 
> and lightning. 
> This bundle of threads reflects the reality of actually hiking the CDT. A 
> strong rope reflects the need for clarity and certainty that organizations 
> and governments need. 
> Let ONE continuous thread be for those on foot only: no bicycles, no motor 
> bikes, no ATVs. And let it be clear where each mode of travel is allowed so 
> that I can choose, if necessary, to venture on to the trail of aggressive 
> mountain bikers. 
> -John/Cupcake 
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> Backpacker Magazine is joining with CDTA to produce a definitive map of the 
> CDT. 
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