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Thu Jul 6 18:28:15 CDT 2006

A few weeks ago Lisa and I got engaged. Since we started "dating" by spending 24 hours a day for 5 months on a CDT thru-hike last year we figured a wedding on or near the CDT would be awesome.
We could use some help with any location suggestions. It is going to be small (less than 50 people) and the plan is to use Estes Park as a base for lodging for the guests. We are looking around Roosevelt, Arapaho and Routt National Forests. The location doesn't have to be on the CDT, just in a really beautiful spot. Ideally it would be pretty high up with an awesome backdrop of mountains. The only catch is that it has to be accessible by a paved or high-grade dirt road. Generally speaking we can do it anywhere in the National Forest and we won't need a permit since it is less than 75 people, but it can't be in "wilderness" because of the road thing.
Any location suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We're going out there in a few weeks to check it all out. Feel free to e-mail me off-line.
-Brian ("Buck-30") & Lisa 
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