[cdt-l] Arizona Trail KML

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 01:18:25 CDT 2006

An Arizona Trail KML file for Google Earth is now available.


This Google Earth "virtual tour" of the Arizona Trail lets 
you experience the trail corridor interactively, as you pan, 
tilt, and zoom your way from Mexico to Utah on a simulated 
3D fly-over. All you'll need to begin your journey is Google 
Earth on your desktop and the .kml file at the above link. 
This data file illustrates the entire 800 mile route of the 
Arizona Trail, color coded alternately red and blue to 
highlight each of the route's 43 passages. Overlayed on 
Google Earth's seamless, high-detail satellite imagery, it 
offers a realistic and informative look at the terrain 
through which the trail passes.

- blisterfree

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