[cdt-l] Water Filters and use of Heet

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HEET is easily found on the CDT at any autoparts store (which most towns 
seem to have) or else frequently at gas stations.  If you can't find it, 
look for a hardware store which would have the denatured alcohol.  We were 
surprised (and disappointed) to find that it was not as available in Arizona 
as in NM.  The small towns thru which the AZT and GET passes don't have the 
auto stores and the gas stations don't carry gas line dryer - at least not 
in April.

As to filters - definitely in southern Wyoming and New Mexico (cow country). 
  Southern Montana is sometimes a bit iffy as to water quality as well and 
in Yellowstone you are passing thru areas where a lot of people camp.  You 
might want a filter there.  We used a filter all the time on our first 
southbound hike and intermittently on the northbound hike.  Lots of good 
streams, but a fair number of ponds and lakes as well that I prefer to 


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>Here are a couple questions out to all my CDT mentors:  What sections of 
>the CDT can one expect the need for water filters.  I do recall reading the 
>debate of "to treat or not to treat water," and the use of germicidal type 
>tablets.  I am trying to cut weight out of my pack (who isn't?) for a sobo 
>this June.  Are water sources in Montana similar to the higher elevations 
>on the PCT?  Those higher areas on the PCT, as I recall, I used about 3 
>drops of bleach, or 6 drops of iodine and a 1/4 vit C tablet in a 22 oz 
>Gator Aide bottle (Please correct me if I am wrong about the amount of 
>drops needed).  I used a filter in S. Calf. and a few other places along 
>the lower elevations on the PCT.  Knowing those areas along the CDT that 
>would require a filter would help plan where to keep sending the filter 
>The second part of my subject is the use of "Heet."  I hate assuming 
>anything, but I will go out on a limb on this one -  In Yogi's "CDT 
>Handbook" (extremely helpful) she refers to a product called Heet, which is 
>available at certain resupply locations.  Is Heet an additive for vehicles? 
>  I have in the past used a product call "Magic Heat," however, it cooks 
>food too slow.  So, I am "assuming" Heet is used as a substitute for 
>denatured alcohol stoves and not in gas type stoves.
>Looking forward to your responses.
>Happy Trails,
>Flat Feet

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