[cdt-l] Condensation in Colorado?

Andrew Rivers funkwithoutjunk at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 17:45:15 CDT 2007

       I'm going north this year. Starting with a tarp for New Mexico,
which I think will be sufficient? I'm wondering when would be a good
time to switch to a tent? Also wondering how well tarptents do in very
moist conditions. I know Colorado can get a thunderstorm a day.. or
night, in the Summer. Just wondering what the best way is to work out
the tent situation... I guess it will all fall into place, I just
don't want to end up stranded somewhere without the proper tent.
     Also, as a nobo, what kind of weather should be expected in
Wyoming and Montana? I know its really hard to say, and every year is
different. But as far as rain goes, does it happen much in Wyoming or
    2 Weeks to San Diego!    --Shaggy,

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