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> I just got off the phone from Becky Emmerson, Bert's
> (Wildcat) wife. She said she just got a call from
> Wildcat. He is at a motel in Glenwood, NM on Hwy 180
> northwest of Silver City. 
> When he left his last phone message, he said it was
> snowing. After that message, the snow went from
> being a couple of inches to being "imagine standing
> with your hands hanging down at your sides and
> having the snow touch your fingers." He ran into
> some hunters who told him if he headed west he
> should be able to get out, which he did. He was able
> to make his food last, but Becky said he would call
> her back after he got something to eat. He has some
> friends in Silver City who are going to take him to
> seek medical attention, as he thinks he may have
> some frostbite on his feet.
> He told Becky " at one point I was pretty scared and
> was hoping you were sending people out to look for
> me."
> Becky said to thank everyone for their concern and
> help. She really appreciated it. She knew when One
> Gallon and the other hikers were concerned that she
> should be too.
> Thanks for all your help. Hikers are pretty special
> people.
> Mom and Dad PCT '05
> Donna and Rob Mabry 
> P.S. Don't ever tell Bert that this Kansas Jayhawk
> was getting pretty upset over a missing K-State
> Wildcat! - Rob
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