[cdt-l] What to do after the CDT?

Marcia gottawalk at pacbell.net
Sat Feb 10 14:35:56 CST 2007

The commonly hiked progression of AT, PCT to CDT leads the hiker to wanting 
the next trail that is a little longer and a little wilder with more 
"misplaced trail", more challenging cross country of the sunup to sundown 
version with barely double digits travelled, with even wilder wilderness 
containing fewer fellow hikers, fewer resupply opportunities that are even 
farther from the trail (route), trail angels of the clueless serendipity 
kind (helpers that have no idea what ld hiking is but love the idea of 
helping your adventure along). Is this what you're looking for? You'll find 
all this and less water on the western 3000 miles of the American Discovery 
Trail.  I didn't even mention the flora and fauna sightings, the varied 
ecozones, the deserts, basins and ranges that will be new to you.

Happy Hiking!

...GottaWalk to feed my happy hiking habit
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Maybe off topic,
but I assume there is a life after .....



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