[cdt-l] Difficulty of Routefinding

Marcia gottawalk at pacbell.net
Thu Feb 22 13:09:01 CST 2007

I talked to Brian Frankel about the Hayduke...we hiked west in the Dark 
Canyon (what a name!) and the Hayduke goes east up the same canyon. It was a 
slow day for both directions. Brian knew quicksand can be on canyon bottoms 
and I found out the hard way. Brian also said that he had a couple of 
technical climbing areas on the Hayduke.

One of the things about hiking different trails is new challenges and 
developing skills and creating memories beyond any on my expectations. 
Quicksand was cool after I got over the shock and got my legs, which had 
disappeared, back. And I had not thought to put a hitch to town on the side 
of a garbage truck on my "to-do" list. Life, especially hiking, is fun!

I am surprised how many of us are finding the red rock areas but not 
surprised at all of us falling in love with those extreme landscapes.

Damn you all! Too many cool ideas...and I want to do every one of them. :-)

My next US thru-hike will definitely be something in the desert southwest. 
The GET? The AZT? The Hayduke Trail?

Who knows...

 After trips to Utah, I fell in love with those red rock canyons, desolate 
yet striking landscapes and the sheer remoteness of the terrain.  My 
favorite section in New Mexico was around Ghost Ranch and the mesa walks 
outside of Cuba and between Grants (awesome new trail!).  Overdosing on 
Abbey probably did not help matters! :)  It really is magnificent terrain.

("Thru-hiking" the Apenines is still my long term goal, though.)

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust
caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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