[cdt-l] How Long is the CDT?

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I've always guessed that the divide itself is like 3100 miles, but the trail
is more like 2800, and maybe 2500 if you do all the short cuts. However,
I've never actually added it all up, and have no idea if any of those
numbers are close to accurate.




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Estimates of the CDT's length vary from 2,500 to 3,100 miles. 


Obviously its length depends on the exact route you take. However, I'm just
trying to get an estimate within 100 miles of accuracy. 


My two questions:


1. If one were to follow Jonathan Ley's preferred route (the red route),
about how many miles would you walk? 


2. If you were to take longer alternates (purple routes), how many miles
would you walk?


Whatever the distance is, I look forward to seeing everyone on the CDT in


Happy trails,


Francis Tapon

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