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I used Aqua Mira when I treated last year on the CDT.  Really didn't even use it that much except either.  Probably less than 2 packets of it all told.  If I got water from a pipe I considered it good.  The only water I treated was standing in some kind of holding tank or showing definite signs of contamination.  Never got sick.

As for the Sawyer product, I wouldn't recommend it for the CDT.  I tested the model that comes on a Lexan bottle last fall on a trip in Utah.  It was very difficult to drink from. To me it seemed like a vacuum was forming making it hard to draw water through the filter.  After speaking to the rep, he noticed the same thing in a demo here in Colorado.  It seems like the altitude here makes it more difficult to draw the water through it.  Probably better suited for lower elevations than the CDT has.

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We are going around in circles trying to decide how to handle water treatment on the CDT.  We used filters on the PCT, but had to deal with several failures.  So out of curiosity how many folks use:
  a. filter
  b. chemicals
  c. steripen
  d. MSR Miox
  e. nothing - don't believe in water born critters
  Also, has anyone ever tried that rather interesting looking Sawyer in-line filter now available at REI?  We'd love to hear a review if you have.

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