[cdt-l] Water treatment survey

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 27 13:49:03 CST 2007

We'll be using a combination of:
- PUR Hiker filter
- Aqua Mira (chlorine treatment)
- nothing (my husband only; he never gets ill but I've
had giardia three times)

Which of these we use will depend on location, which
will affect water quality.  Drier, more desert-like
areas, or areas with heavy stock use, we'll use the
filter (I'm assuming this will be the southern half of
MT, all of ID, some of WY, all of NM; therefore filter
use is estimated at 80% of the time for me).  I know
I'll carry Aqua Mira starting in Glacier and most of
CO (I used it on the CT and had no problems). 

If you're wondering how we switch back and forth, we
simply put the unused method of treatment in our bump
box and send it ahead.  This whole strategy suited us
well on the PCT.


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