[cdt-l] What are the "Desert" Areas of the CDT?

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That sounds about right (#3 has sagebrush areas, but it's a stretch to
really call that desert). Anyway, in all 3 it's quite possible to have to
deal with thunderstorms, or cold windy weather... so, keep that in mind as
well. There's no way to predict that until you're out there of course.


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For those who have hiked the whole CDT, I am
interested in getting a succinct list of regions of
the CDT that you consider to be more of a "desert"
environment, places where high heat and lack of
water/shade would be an issue.  Roughly, places where
I can expect to see sagebrush and/or cactus.  I'm
planning to use this for a rough gauge of where to
plan to send certain items of gear I prefer to have in
drier, hotter areas.

>From studying guidebooks and maps, I am thinking that
there are three major hot/desert regions:

1. All of NM except the extreme northern 50-70 miles
2. Great Basin of Wyoming
3. Southern half of MT in parts

Is this accurate?

Thanks in advance,
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