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Wed Jan 17 18:43:22 CST 2007

I've wondered what would happen if some "public figure" (like an actor,
musician or politician) hiked one of the "big 3" trails, and what that
would do to the way the public at large relates to these trails. I guess
it would depend on the person involved and how much/little they publicized
it. I figure it's probably just a matter of time though.

On the flip side, anybody know of any "now famous" people who once did a
thru-hike back when they weren't so well-known?


>>>Wouldn't it be great if a thru-hike was a prerequisite for world
>>> leaders?
>>>Image "World Troop" thru-hiking, including Bush, al-Sistani, Talabani,
>>>Ahmadineja, Jong-il, Karzai, Putin, Blair, Olmert, Abbas, al-Assad and
> That would be quite funny. Are you sure this is not an Onion article in
> the making? :-)
> (On a serious note, I just view my friends as fellow "hiker trash" as
> well. Those who walk the long trails tend to be a bit different than the
> usual people in the "real world". )
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