[cdt-l] Calling all SoBo's (and flippers to Glacier)

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Sat Jan 20 18:33:44 CST 2007

I hope to start June 15th.  What day is that anyway?  Or within a  few days 
ether way.
Last time, hiking northbound, I took the Highline Trail to Waterton.   This 
time I'll probably do the Belly River route.  I guess there's a couple  
variations, but since my maps are still in storage I haven't figured that part  out.  
 It also saves any aggravation entering Canada
Hopefully, all the trails will be open, the Park is sure to be.
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Calling all SoBo's (and those flipping to Glacier)...
Hey guys, an ideas on your tentative start date (or starting window as  I've 
been referring to it as) and the route you are going to take through  Glacier? 
 Anyone know which routes through Glacier will be closed this  spring due to 
the fires in the 2006 hiking season?  Anyone planning on  starting later and 
going on the highline route?  Just thinking I should  do some 

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