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Sun Jan 21 01:59:03 CST 2007

I think the thing that helped me the most in 2002 was having the original  
set of maps on CD from your 2001 hike.  Just the idea of buying $500 in  maps 
and *then* having to trace the route using the guidebooks was  daunting.  
Thanks for making a hard trail and the planning that much easier,
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jonathan at phlumf.com writes:

I sunk more time into this one  than I’d originally planned, but I’m really 
happy with the way they’ve turned  out. There are a lot of improvements to the 
maps this year – in particular  additions of the CDTA/Official routes in 
southern NM, but many other updates  as well. More details about the CDT-ROM & are 
on my web  site: 

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