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Just some thoughts on Jim Wolfe's suggestion:  The hike over Gunsight Pass is one of the most phenomenal in the park.  In general Sprague Creek/Lincoln Creek are well maintained, however, south boundary trail and the Coal Creek Trails are among the last to be maintained by trail crew (as are all other trails through the Nyack) so they are generally overgrown and less traveled than other trails.  If you were to consider an alternate like this I would recommend following Coal Creek Trail all the way out, past the Elk Mountain Trail (which is worth the side trip) because it brings you out to a railroad access road/trailhead parking area  from which you can follow the hwy a few miles to the Autumn Creek trail which will bring you out to Marias Pass. Alternately you could follow the highway the whole distance, but it's a lot of blacktop with flying cars!

I think the route that Jim and Ginny mentioned most hikers took (roadwalking from Saint Mary to Cut Bank) would be the best option.  The amount of time spent on road would be far longer than stringing up trails (obviously) but the time savings may definitely be worth it.


Ken Powers <kdpo at pacbell.net> wrote: I remember Cut Bank Campground well. We were diverted through there because 
of grizzly activity on the official trail. When we arrived at the closed 
campground we found a sign telling us to store all our food in our car 
trunk. (Yes, this was our assigned campsite.) Since the campground was 
closed there were no cars in the camp and we knew grizzlies were active in 
the area. Strong feelings of insecurity! :(

Being creative campers we found a reasonable storage solution. The garbage 
cans had been cleaned, washed out and turned upside down. We placed our food 
bags inside the upside down cans and lowered the lid onto the can. (The lids 
were fixed to be secure on the cans.)

We awoke the next morning to the sounds of park rangers unloading horses. We 
followed them up the trail to the CDT junction where a sign was strung 
across the trail warning of the grizzly activity. While we didn't see any 
grizzlies, we were sure they were watching us. We saw plenty of signs of 

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If the trail through Glacier is still closed, it will affect all SB hikers,
since it is south of the point where the various starting options merge.
They merge at Swiftcurrent.  All three Glacier options are good ones.  The
Tunnel is not likely to be open in June, but it is a nice hike in the fall.
One consideration is cost as it costs quite a bit more to start at Waterton
than Chief Mountain.  Also time - taking the shuttle to Chief Mountain, we
didn't hit the trail until 1:00.  At Waterton you don't start until after

Last autumn there was a huge fire that started at the camgpround at Red
Eagle Lake and spread over the next few weeks.  Both campgrounds at the lake
will be closed, even if the trail is open.  That means you will have to go
from Reynolds Creek to Atlantic Creek in one day. That's if the trail is
open at all.  They probably won't have had a chance to work on it before the
southbound hikers start the trail in June.

The trail was closed from just south of Reynolds Creek to just south of
Triple Divide Pass - about 23 miles.  Most hikers walked the road to St.
Marys (either 8 or 14 miles, depending on whether or not you took the Sun
Point Trail), then down the highway 14 miles to Cut Bank, then up a graded
road 5 miles to the Campground just outside the park.  You can camp at the
campground there or go into the park to Atlantic Creek CG.  The Cut Bank CG
doesn't require a backcountry permit.  From there it was a day's hike to Two
Medicine CG, which also didn't require a permit.  And from there it was a
short day to East Glacier.  Alternately, you could walk the highway about 40
miles from St. Mary's to East Glacier - which is shorter, but deadly since
there is no shoulder on most of the highway.



>From: Anitra Kass 
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>Subject: [cdt-l] Calling all SoBo's (and flippers to Glacier)
>Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 14:24:23 -0800 (PST)
>Calling all SoBo's (and those flipping to Glacier)...
>   Hey guys, an ideas on your tentative start date (or starting window as
>I've been referring to it as) and the route you are going to take through
>Glacier?  Anyone know which routes through Glacier will be closed this
>spring due to the fires in the 2006 hiking season?  Anyone planning on
>starting later and going on the highline route?  Just thinking I should do
>some planning....thanks,
>     And the 2007 list....  So far, 35 by my count.   Only 9 southbound.
>That could change with a heavy snow year in southern Colorado and a bunch
>of flipfloppers...
>   German Tourist (s)
>   NITRO (s)
>   Osprey*
>     Flat Feet*
>   Aussie Crawl*
>   Bonespur
>   Little Bump (s)
>   Stick Girl (s)
>   Nocona
>   Bald Eagle
>   Andy
>   ToeK
>   Xkanuck (f)
>   Treehugger
>   Terry (f)
>   Steady *
>   Sly (s)
>   Haiku
>   Shaggy
>   Star
>   Dirt
>   Buzz (s)
>   Izzy (s)
>   Trout*
>   Bama*
>   Beam*
>   Nemo*
>   Lint*
>   Lizard*
>   Apteryx
>   Crazy Horse
>   Highlander (s)
>   Just Joe
>   Lucky
>   Trey
>   Wildcat (s)
>   All northbound unless noted (* = direction unknown, s= southbound, f=
>   Any others?
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