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Trey Corkern treyis3 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 10:10:13 CDT 2007

Just a note to those planning on staying in horrific Rawlins on their way

Yogi's guide lists the Jade Motel as an option for lodging at around $49.
The motel has changed owners, is now $89, and the rooms are disgusting.  You
don't want to stay there.  The owner was VERY rude to me.  I checked in,
took one look at the room, and asked for my money back.  She flatly refused,
and then started spouting profanities at me.  The buttons on the phone were
black and the carpet looked like a mat in a restaurant kitchen.  Lesson
learned, look before you leap.  I left, and stopped payment on my credit

The town is also filled with pipeline workers that are taking up most of the
hotel/motel rooms each night, jacking up the prices upwards of $100 range
for anything decent.  A good option is the Western Campground, which at
least has a restaurant, liquor store, and convenience store nearby.  They
have tent sites for $7.50 (for hikers), and 3 cabins that are only $34 a
night if you can get one of those.  They are very nice, have clean
showers/bathrooms/laundry/internet/payphone.  Pretty far from downtown/PO,
but there's really nothing in town anyway.

Just a heads up.  The best option is not to stay here at all.

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