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Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 6 23:06:53 CDT 2007

Dan wrote:
>You may have to carry a bear canister if enough campsites are closed
>ecause of snow.  (If the bear pole isn't clear, the campsite is closed.)
>I don't understand this statement.  My thought process:  If campsites are 
>closed, then I assume no permits are issued, with or without canister.

Dan -
A campsite can be "closed" if a/ the outhouse is still buried in snow and/or 
b/ if the bear pole isn't sufficiently clear (high enough) to prevent a bear 
from getting your food.  However, there's an "undesignated site" 
classification.  It's often used by climbers during the summer, but if 
you're willilng to carry the bear can, it can sometimes be used by 
thruhikers as well when the campsites are closed.  But you have to ask for 
it - they don't volunteer the information.  You'd need to check with the 
rangers about the specific regulations - we haven't used an undesignated 
site for a long time now.

BTW - what I said about one-way car rentals applied to Butte - not Helena.  
Took me a while to remember that - my bad.

Have a good hike,


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