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Francis Tapon ftapon at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 14:57:19 CDT 2007

I had the pleasure of being the first to hike the new, official CDT path around Rawlins and I'd like to pass some tips/thoughts.

The official release is that it is 19 miles of new trail:


But BLM matched each mile, so it's really more like 40 miles of new trail. Kiss most of the dreaded roadwalk goodbye! 

Paul Rau, the BLM employee in charge of blazing the new trail, has the next 90 days to blaze it. He gave me maps that show the new trail. 

I cached the maps of the new CDT trail in the Great Basin Divide at the spring that has a barrel with a knob that controls the flow. I don't remember exactly where that spring is, but it's south of Jeffries City and at least 40 miles north of Rawlins. 
Jonathan Ley's map refers to the spring, which is right on the trail, and Ley mentions the barrel. 

Sobos, please review the maps, take notes, and then leave them there for other Sobos. I will pick them up in late Aug on my return journey. 

Nobos will have a easier time finding the trail than Sobos (assuming it's not marked by the time you come through). 

Nobo tips: 

* Just north of Eight Mile Lake (about 10-15 miles south of Rawlins), you'll get to Rim Lake. 

* Rim Lake is really two small lakes, about the same size, next to each other. Ley's maps show them, but doesn't have them labeled. There is a restroom (no running water), picnic tables, and structure that has a large roof and tables under it for parties.

* Head west, up the steep, but short hill. This puts you into a valley which you will follow a two-track jeep road all the way north to Rawlins. Although it forks a couple of times, just stay north or northeast and you'll be fine. It will be impossible not to run into Hwy 80 if you're heading north. Rawlins will be slightly east of you.

* North of Rawlins, walk toward the BLM office on Hwy 287. After passing the quarries, in about 2 miles break to the west and follow the dirt road. This road runs parallel to the highway. It is just 0.75 miles away from the highway, so you'll see cars, but they won't be on top of you. 

* Follow this road until you get to "Mineral Road X." This road runs Northeast/Southwest. 

* WATER CACHE: About 5 miles into it, you'll cross a cattle guard. Stashed next to it, you'll find Trauma's water cache, with about 10 gallons of water. (Sobos, please carry out the empties since you're just 17 miles from Rawlins at this point and the Nobos have a while to go.)

* Follow the purple road on Ley's map that says it's 95% private property. Ley wonders why the CDT doesn't go thru that trail, and now it does.

* After the solar well (which has water), the trail resumes as always.

Sobo tips: 

* Just reverse my directions, but here are some other tips.

* The maps are stashed at the spring with a barrel.

* I hope Paul marks the point when you have to climb out of the valley to get to Rim Lake. If it's not marked when you get there, just keep in mind that it's at a 3 way intersection and you'll be going east up a small hill (about a 200 foot climb). When you get to the top of that pass, you should see Rim Lake (two lakes, restroom, and structure with a big roof) below you.

The new trail doesn't have water (except for Trama's water cache, which you shouldn't depend on). 

Lastly, I left a pair of clean, white socks at the spring with a barrel. If anyone finds them, please use the 2nd plastic bag that I left the maps in (I double bagged them) and put the clean socks in that second bag. I'll pick them up! Thank you!

Happy trails,
Francis Tapon


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