[cdt-l] Brenton Springs is now a cow pasture

Francis Tapon ftapon at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 16:08:44 CDT 2007

Bruce: I'm not sure who to contact, so I hope you can escalate this message to the appropriate folks.

I was disappointed to arrive to Brenton Springs and find cow crap everywhere. 

The fenced off "oasis" is now just a pathetic polluted stream. 

I assume BLM is in charge of maintaining the springs in pristine shape. I hope you (or Paul) can make them aware of its condition.

The fenced off area is huge and it would be helpful if there were a sign instructing hikers where to find the water so that they don't have to trample all over the place to find it. I found it and it was a weak stream, the flow didn't inspire confidence. I wonder how much flow there will be in August....

CDTers: there's water at Brenton, just not good water. Let's hope BLM can improve the spring's security. Until then, let's salute the companies that help us purify water with cow pies in them!

Happy trails,
Francis Tapon 


The fish are biting. 
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