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As before, I will take them one at a time. Hope this helps:

>>I'll be starting my section in Twin Lakes. Jonathan, I
>>wondered exactly where you find the trail marked on
>>your maps that involves the water crossing. Ginny and
>>Joe reported that at this time, the water is high. Of
>>course, August may be totally different. I guess I
>>also have the option of the Willis Gulch Trail.

This route is actually what the Leadville 100 (the foot race that bumped you out of the hostel)
uses. Even in August it is marshy and had a waist high crossing. Unless there are handy
dandy trail markers (and glow sticks at night), the route is of dubious to use as it is wet,
some-what hard to follow and has nothing to speak of in terms of views.

 Personally, I'd just do the Willis Gulch route.  Just my .02.

>>Other stuff: I'm exploring ways to get down to Twin
>>Lakes. Unfortunately, my timing is bad for the
>>Leadville Hostel/shuttle option. There is apparently a
>>foot race (possibly on the CDT) the weekend just after
>>I arrive. 

It is the Leadville 100. http://www.leadvilletrail100.com/
It goes on quite a bit of the CT/CDT and makes Leadville a hopping area for the month of August. Many people
come in before the race to acclimate. 

>> Still researching that option. I'd only need
>>it to get down there.

Though you are doing the CDT, the Colorado Trail Foundation often has info about people willing to do shuttles.
When I did the CT in '04, I met a hiker who contacted the CTF. They gave him the name of a person who picked him
up in...TWIN LAKES! :-) 

Go to www.coloradotrail.org or call (303) 384-3729

>>Bus is probably not an option. Greyhound only goes to
>>Frisco, right? I'll double check Greyhound, though.

Yep. Grehound is pretty much limited to the I-70 and I-25 corridors these days (and Durango to Grand Junction).

>>Any advice for return to Denver is also appreciated. I
>>plan to end either in Creede or just past at Spring
>>Ck. Pass, so will go into Lake City, I guess. 

Found this info at the below link:

Lake City Area - Pleasant View Resort and Rocky Mountain Jeep Rental  	
970-944-2262  	http://www.coloradodirectory.com/pleasantviewresort/


>>h, does anyone know about the other trail leading
>>to/from Creede other than the 10 mile one from San
>>Luis Pass? 

IIRC, the Miner's Creek Trail leads to a bit ways out of Creede. It also starts on the dirt road that goes in/out of Creede:

From: http://www.creede.com/biking.htm

Length: 7 miles. Riding time: 1-2hours.

Tail begins at Creedmont Boy Sout Camp at the end of Miners Creek Road
#507 (9,000 feet). Trail ends at the unction with La Garita Stock
Driveway Trail #787 in Upper Miners Creek Park. Be prepared to cross
the creek several times in the first couple of miles. Most riders enjoy
riding up the trail from the Boy Scout Camp a few miles and then
turning around and returning the way they came. The more adventurous
riders can ride this trail as a loop. Begin by riding up Bachelor Road
to the Rat Creek/Willow Creek 4x4 road and taking the left fork after
crossing Rat Creek. This is Trail #787 in Upper Miners Creek Park.
Riding the trail in this direction gives a total ride of approximately
22 miles. Please see a USGS map of the Forest Service for more detail

Basically, you are not really avoiding and out and back. I don't have my maps with me though, so I don't really remember.

Creede itself is at the end of the road before you get into the mountains. I think you may be better off hiking the
additional 14 miles to Spring Creek Pass and use the Lake City shuttle mentioned above. Also, esp. on weekends, there
is a fair amount of traffic on the dirt roads into and out of Creede. (San Luis Peak being the primary attraction). You may
be able to hitch in and out and avoid having to walking to Creede.  Since you are looking to get back, Lake City and the
shuttle may be the easiest bet.

Hope this helps.

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