[cdt-l] hiking CDT in 2007

michael sandoval mojombo69 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 19 20:03:06 CDT 2007

    Dear Sly,
    thank you for the info.  good to know that there will be plenty of folk 
    there is one more name to add - Jim Chudy.  he is the dude i am planning 
on doing the hike with.

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>Subject: Re: [cdt-l] hiking CDT in 2007
>Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 10:18:54 EDT
>mojombo69 at hotmail.com writes:
>Howdy  all,
>My name is Michael Sandoval and I am planning a thru hike of  the CDT this
>season.  I am writing to find out who else is planning a  southbound hike
>this year so I can talk with some like minded folk.   Exchange info, ideas,
>yudda yudda yudda...
>There's a few of us planning southbound hikes.  Here's a list I've  
>I'll add your name.
>Latest update.
>(thru-hike/bike- 2)
>(section hikers- 13)
>Andrew S.
>(great western loop)
>Grateful Greenpeace Guy
>John B.
>Happy Jo
>French Bob
>Joe Bob Gnuckles
>(thru-hikers- 53 all northbound unless noted  * = direction  unknown, s=
>southbound, f= flip, cm=chief mountain, w=waterton, c=columbus,  a=antelope 
>cc=crazy cook)).
>Michael (s)
>Scarlett (s)
>Wildflower (s)
>Kinch (s)
>Francis Tapon (yo-yo)
>Hawkeye (f)
>Flat Feet
>Mom (s)
>Dad (s)
>Trekkar (s)
>German Tourist (s)
>NITRO (s)
>Flat Feet*
>Little Bump (s)
>Stick Girl/Flounder  (s)
>Aussie Crawl (s)
>Nocona (s)
>Bald Eagle (s)
>ToeK (s)
>Xkanuck (f)
>Terry (f)
>Steady *
>Sly (s-cm)
>Buzz (s)
>Izzy (s)
>Lizard (cc)
>Crazy Horse
>Highlander (s)
>Just Joe  (yo-yo)
>Trey (c)
>Wildcat (s)
>Any others?  Any  corrections?
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