[cdt-l] Prohibited items on Amtrak

John jmuielewicz at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 09:17:48 CDT 2007

--- chris G <chgeth at yahoo.de> wrote:

> Reading Nocona's trailjournal I have just got an
> unpleasant surprise. As she writes in her journal
> and
> according to what I could confirm on Amtrak's
> website
> there are prohibited items for carry-on and checked
> luggage on Amtrak. This includes ice axes and
> flammables (I guess this includes gas cannisters).

As for the flammables, I'm not surprized, those are
prohibited on all forms of public transportation, even
tow trucks do not carry gas you need to make a special
call for it. Tools like ice axes should be alright in
checked baggage as long as the head is covered
securely, with a sheath, and it is not accessable;
basicly shoved in the pack.


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