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Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 16 00:54:24 CST 2007

Re: Jim and Ginny's data, you could simply do a "field test" on whatever waypoint happens to be first along your intended route, in order to "calibrate" your GPS. I.e., locate the actual spot, mark it with GPS, then cycle through the GPS' datum possibilities to see which produces the nearest result to J and G's data. Set your GPS to use that datum throughout.

- blisterfree

CicelyB250 at aol.com wrote:     Jim and Ginny have coordinates for water and/or other New Mexico Trail  spots.  Jonathan has coordinates on each page of his maps.  What is  the datum source?  Presume NAD27 CONUS and not WGS84 or other.  I know  the end results is "only" a couple hundred meters, want to be as precise as  possible.  CicelyB

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