[cdt-l] Mt. Taylor

Andrew Rivers funkwithoutjunk at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 19:01:44 CDT 2007

The Ojo Frio to Jones Canyon trek is more challenging. The spigot in the
valley close to Cabezon can be used to reduce the waterless mileage, but
that sacrifices some great mesa-edge scenery. We intend to look into the
problem with the well at Arroyo de los Cerros Colorados (Piedra Lumbre
3:2.8). [If anyone has any information why it was dry this year, please
pass it on.]

Jim--On the trail this year, I hiked around to the spigot near
Cabazon. It was some amazing water. But, it did mean we were walking a
road for miles instead of the good stuff! But still from there we
forgot that the well was broken. All of the windmills... i beleive
there were 3, were all dismantled in that area! What a pain! We got
there, with about a liter or less per a person. So ate a dry dinner,
then hiked the 16 miles to Jones Canyon the next day. That does seem
more serious than the Mt. Taylor issue.
    I loved the Mt. Taylor area. I can see why it would be a sacred
area. It was a bit disapointing to be on a road on the top, but it was
beatufiul none the less. I would hike over Mt. Taylor again, if I did
the CDT again... --Shaggy,

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