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Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Tue Sep 4 21:55:56 CDT 2007


I think the FS site still has the old route I drew last year.

FYI, I've been updating the route that I did, here:
It includes an optional overlay of USGS topo maps, along with 
alternates, some notes, links to photos, etc. I've only gotten through 
from Canada to the Anaconda-Pintler so far... The rest is the older 
route, which I will update when I have more time (who knows when...).

The latest version of Google Earth makes it really easy to add/change 
.kml/kmz files - basically, GE becomes a wysiwyg .kml editor. The USGS 
overlay maps (done by a 3rd party... free!) are a huge thing as well - 
otherwise, it's nearly impossible to identify things along the CDT. I've 
also been impressed by the extent of the trail that is now covered by 
high-resolution photography in GE. There are many places where you can 
see the actual trail in the GE view.

I haven't checked out the FS routes/page recently.... It's very 
interesting, but kind of a different take on the thing as it focuses 
more on the "state of the trail" in various places (i.e. what's on 
roads, etc.).


Lawton Grinter wrote:
> CDT-L,
> I just came across the USFS CDNST Administrative Website and there´s a 
> webpage in their that´s devoted to Google Earth overlays of the CDT 
> and related trails and routes.  I was surprised to see that Jon Ley´s 
> 2001 route was included in this page . . . it´s the 1st one I 
> downloaded and added into Google Earth.
> If you are new to Google Earth, check out the Google Earth website:
> http://earth.google.com/
> This application is free and quite powerful . . . you can overlay many 
> trails onto Google Earth and check them out before you march off into 
> the sunset on the real thing.
> Best, Disco
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