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Thanks for your input. It has been called to my attention that Backpacker 
has changed ownership at least once in the past year and a half. But in my 
opinion it does not justify ignoring correspondence and backing up their 
commitments.  I predict that we will be seeing and smelling those disgusting 
cologne samples in the near future. Happy Trails !!!
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> Doesnt surprise me one bit.
> I found out a while ago where there loyalties lie.
> They only print letters to the editor that are positive.
> They advertise for mtn bikes and 4 wheelers and motorcycles in their mag.
> I sent them a letter expressing my opinions on the need for the CDT to be
> placed in wilderness areas when this project started.   They never 
> returned
> a reply!
> I seriously believe they would prefer the CDT to be opened to bikers (both
> man-powered and engine-powered), 4 wheelers and even jeeps (yes they are
> advertised in their rag too)
> they care much more about the dollar than they do about backpackers.
> Shame on them!
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>>Howdy Folks ! Backpacker Magazine did not do anything that they said they
>>would. There was no gear, no G.P.S.units or training, They said that we
>>would get socks , wrong ! All they came through with was 1 bag of trail 
>>, 1 single serving of peanut butter, and a pack of candy. There was only
>>one set of maps that our team leader received.I do not go into wilderness
>>without my own maps ! ( I could have brought my own if only backpacker or
>>our team leader would have communicated with me ). Our team leader didn't
>>return my calls and had a bad attitude. I had to have a benefit to raise
>>the money to go on this trip as that I have A.I.D.S and am compelled to
>>live on my S.S.I. I feel like a sucker for buying into their lies, One lie
>>backing up another for the entire fiasco. The thing that confuses me most
>>is wondering why they made it sound like we won a contest and in reality 
>>won nothing at all. Why couldn't they have been honest from the start ? 
>>likes to be lied to ? This
>>  whole situation has left me broke, depressed and mistrustful . I bet 
>> that
>>Jonathan Dorn makes more in a month than I do in a year. I wonder how he
>>would feel if the tables were turned ? I wouldn't wish H.I.V. on anyone 
>>it would not hurt my feelings if he fell off a mountain on his expensive
>>mountain bike. I am canceling my subscription to their feculent rag and I
>>intend on calling and writing their advertisers informing them of this
>>publications ethical bankruptcy . BACKPACKER MAGAZINE AND MR. DORN, YOU
>>SUCK !!!
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