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CDT Hikers,

Thought I would share this with you.  Good luck and hope to meet you on the 

Gray wolves

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> Good morning. Unfortunately I don 't have any good news about the water
> situation along our portion of the trail. March has been very dry, most of
> the remaining snow patches have melted and there is little or no water in
> any of the dirt tanks or playa lakes in this area (Pie Town to Grants).
> There are a number of windmills in the area but I have no way of knowing
> witch ones will be in operation during your hike through this area, that
> all depends what pastures are being grazed. Since all of these windmills
> are privately owned we don't control their operation. The two sure sources
> of water are the National Park Service Information Center located on Hwy 
> 53
> and the Bureau of Land Management Ranger Station located on Hwy 117. When
> do you think you will be hiking thru the El Malpais area? Water conditions
> may change but we are entering the dry season so I don't anticipate much
> moisture in the next 2-3 months. I don't know what the water situation
> north and south of us. There is usually water in the Gila and the areas to
> our north around Cuba recieved quite a bit more snow than we did so there
> should be water in that area. Keep in mind that this is my best guess and 
> I
> could be wrong about the areas north and south of us. Surely not the news
> you wanted to hear. Feel free to contact me with any future questions.
> Ken Jones
> Supervisory Park Ranger
> El Malpais National Conservation Area
> Grants Field Station
> phone: (505) 287-7911 ext.7
> fax:        (505) 285-5041
> Meanwhile .....
> The Empire Crumples From Within
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> Ken,
> Per your December 18th reply to us, we are writing to inquire about the
> latest water update for CDT hikers.  We plan to start our hike in two 
> weeks
> at the Mexico border.
> Thank you the information,
> Doug and Peggy

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