[Cdt-l] Water update

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Wed Apr 16 14:46:42 CDT 2008

I had a bit of feedback last year that the lower part of the Gila - from 
the Sapillo Creek junction to Doc Campbells - was in bad shape. It was 
never in "great shape" before, but some flooding over the past few years 
apparently has made things worse. Cubby & Boston's journal seems to 
confirm that (or at least per what the FS told them).

That said, the upper part of the Gila should be fine, and is a great 

One option might be to take the official route (NB) to Brannon Park, and 
cut down Apache Creek to Gila Hot Springs / Doc Campbells, then do the 
northern part of the Gila. If you have my maps, this is on nm30l. I 
don't know the status of that trail however. I'm not sure exactly what 
Cubby & Boston did... perhaps heading over the "Gila Flat" area just 
south of Apache Creek?

Anyway, you could of course, just venture forth through the lower Gila 
anyway, and bushwhack your way up the river - it IS a really amazing 
place. Just keep in mind that if you're tired & frustrated when you 
arrive at Doc Campbells, the northern Gila canyons (especially the 
Middle Fork) are a completely different experience - well maintained 
trail, and the water is generally lower.

Good luck out there!


Liz Mares wrote:
> Hi All!
> Has anyone been through the Gila River Segment to Doc Campbell's?  
> What are the conditions like?  Passable?  How high is the river?  Was 
> Sappillo Creek running?  How about the spring between Bear Creek and 
> Sappillo Creek?
> Did you do an alternate like Cubby and Boston?  If so, where and what 
> were the conditions like?  Water?
> To all the CDT Hikers already on the trail...sure would appreciate 
> updates to this list about trail conditions as Gottago and I will be 
> following you at the end of the month.
> Thanks much!  ~~La Zorra~~
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