[Cdt-l] Re-route north of Cumbres Pass

Melanie Simmerman jennylind50 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 11:50:36 CDT 2008

There is a re-route north of Cumbres Pass due to severe Blowdowns. The ranger Station in Pagosa Springs (where I am now for a rest day) has a map for the new route. South of Dipping Lakes you'll be taking a trail 736 (there is marker) and then joining up with Forest Service Road 118 (which curls around alot and has different numbers, 118C, etc. so is a bit confusing) to get out at the Pass.

I'd advise calling the ranger station for exact details and perhaps they can actually email you a map. Rangers don't expect to clear the trail this year.

I got on at Spring Creek Pass and arrived in Pagosa yesterday. Great trail, tougher than I expected. Met up with Rob and Donna and Flatfeet - great to see some CDTers. Weather pretty good, though the GULF hurricane may screw things up with more rain....

I'll post to the list once I've gone through the re-route. My end of section is Cumbres.



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