[Cdt-l] Savant's 2005 CDT Film

Slyatpct at aol.com Slyatpct at aol.com
Tue Jan 8 11:52:00 CST 2008

It is a great DVD.  
I just got  µTorrent to download a few things and the folks over  the pct-l 
are distributing PCT DVD's like this.  I've never seeded anything  before, but 
I'm willing to look into it and making it available.
Of course, Sam or I could also burn a couple DVD's but this way y'all can  
download it and save us the expense.
Let me know either way,

PS Wherever Savant is, I don't think he'd mind as he was freely giving them  

In a message dated 1/8/2008 12:39:25 PM Eastern Standard Time,  samh at samh.net 

What  kind of interest is there in attaining Savant's 2005 CDT film on
DVD?   I recently received a request for a copy of it and figured if I
was going  to make one I might as well make a few.  Who doesn't have
the film but  would like to see it?  If you're not familiar with it,
you can read my  review here


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