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Yes, I noticed his freestyle approach- sort of head north.  Never lost that way.  
I enjoy reading his approach to the CDT.  

How a bper can disturb a ranger's land that is already "disturbed" by nature is difficult for me to figure out. 

However, I do want to be in compliance when I hike. 

And I do remember your posts- they were interesting.  

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  Stephen Pern's account is very engaging, especially his English view of American ways ("I just knew those cows didn't have names").  Last year I innocently asked for peoples' experience trying to hike the Animas Range, which is the Divide up from Antelope Wells.  A minor firestorm ensued, as this is closed-access land controlled by the Grey Ranch, or at least that is one point of view.  You can find the thread in the Archives, the key contributor was DickEBird (Richard Mallory).  Pern eventually buried his Guidebook and hiked in a more free-form style. 

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    I'm reading Stephen Pern's book The Great Divide.  This wak was done in the 
    more primitive days of the CDT.  He started at Antelope Wells, walked amost
    directly west to the actual Divide and tried to follow it as much as

    Has anyone treid this route recently?  Is it possible?  His food drops were 
    incredible- first one was in Silver City.  He expected to reach it in ten
    days.  Just starting the book so not sure if he does yet, but I am wondering
    about his starting route.



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