[Cdt-l] 3 pieces of advice for future CDT thru-hikers

Joe Hinkly mojombo69 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 13:06:05 CST 2008

   hola all,
   my name is Michael - trail name Jug, i completed a thru hike of the CDT
last year, and i want to impart 3 simple pieces of advice to future
   1. print Jonathan Ley's maps on 17" x 11". trust me.  i used 8.5 x 11,
they worked, but the detail you get from the larger ones is more than worth
   2. brings gators.  i didn't. don't use them. didn't need them.  but i
think that your life will be so much better if you have them.  there is so
much freakin' cross country that they will become your best friends,
especially in Montana and New Mexico.
   3. DO NOT BUY THE DELORMES FOR NEW MEXICO. they suck!!! useless.  the
delormes for the other states are good, and i used them!!!  find an
alternative large scale map set for new mexico.

   actually, there is one more piece of advice, something that i was told
before i left for east glacier.  just go.  don't worry.  you cannot prepare
for everything, so don't try.  unplanned for events will happen during your
hike (guaranteed) and you will take care of them when they arise.  hell, i
lost a crown during my hike.  how do you prepare for that?  but it all works
out.  so get out there and kick ass!!!
   have fun!!
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