[Cdt-l] Snow in Glacier

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Thu Jul 3 12:23:13 CDT 2008

> This is a side issue, but does anyone know about snow WEST of the CDT in
> Glacier and the surrounding areas?

Suge -

Viewing photos on the GNP Web site of the plowing of the Going to Sun
Road it is safe to say that you will encounter lots of snow at Brown
Pass.  Having hiked from Goat Haunt over to Bowman probably a
half-dozen times myself in the past and having listened to you to ask
questions about the PNT I feel like I can comfortably say you should
be safe in making that crossing.  Brown Pass is mellow and there is
little to no exposure.

I would however consider contacting the USFS in regards to the Ten
Lakes Scenic Area and Northwest Peak Scenic area.  You are going to
experience lots of snow in those hills I think.  Once again the
exposure isn't too terrible along the PNT there but you will find
yourself post-holing in soft, afternoon snow for miles at a time.

Keep us posted over at pnt.org
- Sam "Mule" H

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