[Cdt-l] FW: Backpacker Magazine and CDT

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 6 11:52:29 CST 2008

Any idea what the trail mileages are between the following points, for 
example? This isn't readily determinable from waypoints alone, but would 
be critical both for planning and execution.

I also wonder whether the "gestalt" of the route can be adequately 
conveyed through a series of 'decision points' like this. In my 
experience, this works well enough on established and obvious treadway 
where only occasional confirmation is needed, but not so well when 
trying to describe a vague, unsigned, or cross-country type of route.

It looks like this is a standard format used on the Backpacker website, 
though. So maybe it's out of CDTA's control...?

NM004: L @ Y onto jeep track Location: 31.50293°, -108.24178°
Point Name: NM005: Keep L on jeep track; R goes to Sheridan Tank 
(unreliable water) Location: 31.54587°, -108.29585°
Point Name: NM006: Left onto the gravel track Location: 31.55558°, 
Point Name: NM007: Cross through barbed-wire fence Location: 31.56549°, 

- blisterfree

Bruce Ward wrote:
> They just revamped their website and posted the first section of the 
> CDT from the southern terminus.
> http://www.backpacker.com/
> direct link to CDT section:
> http://bp2.trimbleoutdoors.com/backpacker/v2/trips_page.aspx?tripID=34030
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