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Jim and Ginny,

A few years ago I saw your CDT presentation at the PA Ruck, Ironmaster's
My best wishes to you both, especially Jim as he recovers from surgery.


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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Home again, home again???. (Jim and/or Ginny Owen)
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> Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 23:26:06 -0500
> From: Jim and/or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com>
> Subject: [Cdt-l] Home again, home again???.
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> Sorta.
> Our previous update was from Wyoming ? and it took 4 weeks, and several
> thousand
> miles of driving through 11 states to get back to Maryland.
> After wandering the west side of Glacier National Park, we headed south and
> checked out
> the Henry?s Lake route of the CDT.  We?ll hike that route next time we do
> the CDT ? not
> that we think it?s better, but just because we haven?t done it yet.
> Then we went back to the Grand Tetons hoping to get better photos than we
> got in 2007
> and then did a 3-day backpack into the Bechler River area of
> Yellowstone.  Beautiful area
> with some great waterfalls, but the wildlife was a little sparse ? probably
> because of the
> sheer number of people in the area.  It wasn?t nearly as ?deserted? as we?d
> been led to
> believe.
> After the Bechler, we wandered through Yellowstone for several days ?
> photographing
> wildlife, re-visiting familiar places ? and eating ribs at the
> Roosevelt/Tower restaurant.
> GOOD ribs.  Worth the trip.
> We visited a Medicine Wheel in northern Wyoming (one of hundreds, if not
> thousands
> scattered throughout the West), then the petroglyph sites that we?d missed
> in the spring
> because of rain and snow.
> And then went back to Wind Cave, Custer State Park and the Badlands NM in
> South
> Dakota ? more hiking, more wildlife, more beautiful photos.
> We drifted east, mostly on back roads rather than the Interstate system,
> through South
> Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and north into
> Pennsylvania.
> We finally managed to visit some of the ?Mound Builder? sites in some of
> those states that we missed last year ? particularly Cahokia Mounds in St.
> Louis.
> Since Ginny had never seen Niagara Falls, that was our next destination ?
> we caught the
> Falls on a beautiful Fall day (pun intended) and got more photos than we
> could use in
> three lifetimes.  Then we stopped for a day at Letchworth State Park in New
> York to look
> for more waterfalls. Thank you, Bluetrail ? it was as good as you promised.
> Ginny had never been to Watkins Glen, either ? again with the waterfalls -
> so that was a
> mandatory stop on the way south.
> For those who don?t understand ? we simply weren?t ready to ?go home?
> yet.  So we
> were procrastinating.  We even stopped at Corning and spent some time in
> the Corning
> Glass Museum ? fascinating stuff ? at least for some of us.  And then we
> stayed to visit
> the Rockwell Museum of Western Art. (Nice, but the one in Cody was better.)
> Next stop was Blackwell, Pennsylvania, where we spent a day clearing ?our?
> section of
> the Mid-State Trail.  We hadn?t seen that section in over 2 years ? it was
> good (and
> tiring) to get back to it.
> Finally, we spent several days wandering through Pennsylvania looking for
> possible
> places to live in the future.  How far in the future?  Who knows ? but
> there are several
> possibilities. Pennsylvania is just one of them.  We are quite sure though
> that our
> permanent home, when it?s time, won?t be Maryland.  Maryland has too many
> people, too
> much traffic, too much politics, too much pollution --- too much.
> Yes, we are in Maryland ? we finally ran out of excuses to not come back
> here. We?re in
> a tiny one bedroom apartment that?ll be our ?home? until Jim can hike
> again.  The knee
> replacement will be done next Monday (Nov 17th).  We?re getting conflicting
> stories as to
> how long it?ll be before he can actually hike any distance.  But then Jim
> has his own
> ideas about that.  We?ll see.
> While Jim is recovering, we?ll be working on updating the website.  Keep an
> eye out in
> the next month or two.  There will be a new ? much more detailed ? 2008
> journal with
> photos, plus an expansion of the ruins and rock art photo pages that we
> started last year.
> And Bun-bun has a few ideas ? doesn?t he always?
> This?ll be our last ?update? for 2008.  And we likely won?t get to very
> many Christmas cards
> this year ? so we?ll wish everyone an early Merry Christmas.  And we hope
> your 2009
> will be as good as the last three years have been for us.
> Walk softly,
> Jim & Ginnyhttp://www.spiriteaglehome.com/
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