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As you mention, all feet are different, so it is really hard to suggest anything specific--it really becomes trial and error on your part.  But I will mention a few things that have helped me keep my feet happy.  I began to view my feet issue as a complete system problem--not just a boot problem.  One part of the system is the foot pad--finding that perfect footpad is almost as important, if not more so, as finding that perfect shoe or boot.  Again, every foot is different, so you will really need to explore, but for me, I discovered that I did not do well with a soft/gel type pad.  In the end, it was a harder, more firm pad that worked for me (I use Superfeet), but for you, it may be the softer kind--definitely experiment.  The other part of the system is your socks.  I found that I had to wear a typical medium weight wool hiking sock coupled with a liner sock.  It sounds like that combo would make the foot too hot, but once I used that combo, my
 blisters disappeared completely, and I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable my feet felt even when they were sweating something fierce.  But again, you may find that combo doesn't work for you--try everything from wool to synthetics, from thick to thin, and single to layered.  Once you discover your perfect trifecta combo (boot, pad, sock), your feet should do pretty well.  Again, see it as a complete system that needs to work together with each part complementing the others.  Of course, even if you minimize  your occurrences of blisters (no small thing!), your feet will always get tired, swollen, hot, sore over the course of a long hiking day--there is no magic bullet for that.

Happy hiking,


> I am soliciting information regarding hiking shoes/boots. 
> I know everyones feet are different and I thought I had
> found a good hiking shoe in the Invo 8 flyrock 310 but
> blisters galore!  Blisters on the bottom of my feet (both). 
> So any advise or recommendations would be helpful.  I am now
> looking at the Montrail Hardrock or different inserts?
> Thanks,
> Dan


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