[Cdt-l] Big Sandy Lodge

Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 22:08:23 CDT 2009

Hey everyone - I'm on my way home from the PCT Kick Off.  While I was there,
I spoke to a 2009 CDT hiker who told me he has heard via email or a phone
call (I don't recall which) from Big Sandy Lodge that they are *not*
accepting CDT packages this year.  I just checked their website
http://www.big-sandy-lodge.com/ and it still shows the detailed instructions
for CDT hikers to send packages.  So, there is a definite contradiction in
information.  As I'm on my drive back to Kansas, I cannot check this
information myself right now, but I wanted to post this to the list ASAP.

If anyone can contact Big Sandy, I'm sure this year's hikers would
appreciate confirmation of if they are/are not taking packages for the 2009

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