[Cdt-l] questions on the wind rivers

Patricia Mazzolini pmazzolini at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 26 23:46:43 CDT 2009

We are section hiking from togwotee pass to south pass city this July and I'd like to throw a few questions out to the group- 1)We'd like to do  the knapsack col alternate- it should be around july 25th-any opinions on ice axes? has anyone done it and what did you carry?  Would ice axes be useful anywhere else or would we only need them for the alternate? 2) Big Sandy Lodge-how easy is it to hitch from there or the campground to Rock Springs Wyoming airport? I need to get my brother out from there to fly home, probably on a saturday or sunday. Also can you do a load of laundry at the lodge?. 3)We'd like to leave our car at Togwotee pass-is there a pullout or parking area possible at the forest road? 4) Anyone taken the airport shuttle from Lander to Jackson Hole airport and got dropped off at the pass? Anyone hitched from Lander to Togwotee Pass? I'd appreciate any info or wisdom-Plastic


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