[Cdt-l] Twin Lakes Dam trail reopens to hikers

Bob Bankhead wandering_bob at comcast.net
Thu Dec 3 19:08:24 CST 2009

Today, I received the Fall 2009 edition of the Colorado Trail Foundation's Treadlines and was pleased to read that the trail across the top of the Twin Lakes dam has now been reopened to hikers. 

Paraphrasing from the article on page 11:

In October, BLM announced it was reopening the CT/CDT across the Twin Lakes dam near Leadville in segment 11. This re-establishes the top of the dam as the official CT/CDT route. "As soon as our volunteers are able, we'll eliminate the signs on the temporary route and re-establish the dam as the Trail." 

The Mount Ebert Pump Station, as well as the trail across the dam, was closed to the public "in the interest of national security" amid the paranoia immediately after 9/11. 

Both the CTF and the CDTA are to be thanked for their tireless efforts over the years to get this section of shared trail re-established. No mention was made in the article regarding the status of the pump station, which used to be a pleasant rest stop for hikers. 
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