[Cdt-l] GPS and Maps (howzitdone?)

Daniel T. Alvarez alvarezdt at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 15:20:01 CST 2009

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to add a bit more to the discussion of GPSs. I used a Garmin
Colorado 400t which has preloaded topo maps for the entire U.S. and then I
made tracks for each state based on Jonathan Ley's unbelievably wonderful
amazing essential maps for 2009. Once the track is loaded onto the GPS it
shows up as a line (or lines when there are alternate routes) on top of the
topo map so you can use it in conjunction with Ley's maps and know pretty
much where you are. Whether there is going to be a trail there, that's a
whole different discussion, but that's why it's so much fun.

Note that the lines are only as good as I drew them based on Ley's map, so
sometimes my line drawing isnt exact. The real idea is to get you into the
right area. Also, they are based on Ley's 2009 maps, so they won't be too
useful for new sections that are opening up.

I'm happy to email the tracks to anyone who wants them. I'd put them online
if I knew how, but I don't. If someone else wants to, please, please go for
it! I'd love to give back in any way to a community that has given me so

Overall, I think the tracks and GPS were extremely useful for me and
probably saved me an hour or two each day between quicker navigation and not
getting lost. The extra cost over a low end GPS for the Colorado (and Oregon
which is basically a touchscreen Colorado) is nothing compared to the hours
and hours of frustration it will save you. Seriously, there is enough to
worry about out there, this is worth the cost.

Love to everyone,
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