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Fri Dec 11 10:54:04 CST 2009

Listen to this guy! He knows, and saved the mental health of many a
hiker this year...I can't imagine how many hours it took him to put
out such an accurate program...One caveat, however, Daniel-I didn't
realize until I got down to southern NM that you had started in the
bootheel and had no need to include the Columbus route...by then I had
become, um, use to not being lost every day. Thank you again.
zen quake

On 12/10/09, Daniel T. Alvarez <alvarezdt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Just wanted to add a bit more to the discussion of GPSs. I used a Garmin
> Colorado 400t which has preloaded topo maps for the entire U.S. and then I
> made tracks for each state based on Jonathan Ley's unbelievably wonderful
> amazing essential maps for 2009. Once the track is loaded onto the GPS it
> shows up as a line (or lines when there are alternate routes) on top of the
> topo map so you can use it in conjunction with Ley's maps and know pretty
> much where you are. Whether there is going to be a trail there, that's a
> whole different discussion, but that's why it's so much fun.
> Note that the lines are only as good as I drew them based on Ley's map, so
> sometimes my line drawing isnt exact. The real idea is to get you into the
> right area. Also, they are based on Ley's 2009 maps, so they won't be too
> useful for new sections that are opening up.
> I'm happy to email the tracks to anyone who wants them. I'd put them online
> if I knew how, but I don't. If someone else wants to, please, please go for
> it! I'd love to give back in any way to a community that has given me so
> much.
> Overall, I think the tracks and GPS were extremely useful for me and
> probably saved me an hour or two each day between quicker navigation and not
> getting lost. The extra cost over a low end GPS for the Colorado (and Oregon
> which is basically a touchscreen Colorado) is nothing compared to the hours
> and hours of frustration it will save you. Seriously, there is enough to
> worry about out there, this is worth the cost.
> Love to everyone,
> -OOO
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