[Cdt-l] Nobo use of Wolf Guides

Dylan Carlson carlsods at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 16:35:02 CST 2009

Heading northbound, I used the Wolf Guides (somewhat useful) and Ley Maps

Reading the guidebooks backward was a pain, but completely do-able.  I found
the sections regarding water in NM especially useful.

Moreover, the cultural and historical notes in the Wolf Guides were quite
interesting.  I enjoyed learning about the area I was hiking through.

Overall, however, if had it to do over again, I WOULD NOT purchase the Wolf
Guides.  At $100+ dollars, they are less useful than Jonathan Ley's free
maps.  You would be better off investing that money in a GPS or forest
service maps.

Finally, in case it hasn't been drilled into you yet, DO NOT purchase the
"official" CDTA guidebooks.

Good luck,
Dylan Carlson
CDT nobo 2009
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This question is for all the nobo's who used the Wolf guides.   I've got
Wolf's guides and am planning a nobo hike.  For the states that the
guides are sobo-only, how much use were they.  Did you consult them all
the time or did you use them only for planning?

Also, has anyone tried to rewrite the Wolf guides in nobo order for
his/her hike?

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