[Cdt-l] GPS thoughts

Ron Dobra ghsron at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 18:47:27 CST 2009

Well, I only turned it on and perused OOO's magical purple tracks when
I felt I might be off trail, which given the lack of tread and signage
on so much of the CDT was about 5-10 times a day...after a minute or
two, off it went and I was back in secure hiking mode. Hours of
backtracking per day deferred,plenty; peace of mind, priceless.
zen quake

On 12/11/09, Brett <blisterfree at yahoo.com> wrote:
> So, in summation:
>  GPS is completely unnecessary - just use your maps, compass, and requisite
> navigational skills. Leave that GPS at home or, better yet, donate to good
> will!
>  GPS is very helpful for determining one's location, but GPS maps and tracks
> are completely unnecessary - just plot the approximate waypoint onto the
> map, or use J Ley's compass rose feature. Bring GPS, sure, but find a cool,
> dry place for it in the pack, and keep it from the light of day as much as
> possible.
>  GPS with included maps and tracks will save you hours each day. Turn it on,
> leave it on! Burn your paper maps and pack extra batteries - technology is
> the one true way!
>  But all hyperbole aside...
>  Clearly it's a personal decision. Everybody's comfy with that, right?  :0)
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