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I will chip in on this one briefly. 
I carried the garmin foretrex gps this year- its very basic and light and just tells you where you are with no background maps. I used it about every 3rd day in New Mexico and about once a week in the other states. I don't think we were lost for more than a couple of hours at a time on the whole trail. 

Much more important than the gps is paying attention to your Jonathan Ley maps, using Jim Wolfs guides and being prepared to look out for the next junction or change in direction ahead. That said, the gps can be fun to play with, it just wasn't that vital for us.

brian, black isle, scotland


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I appreciate the rich discussion and helpful advice regarding GPS.  I have never owned or navigated with one of these devices (let alone even tried one in a store), but I'm sure they are amazing technological breakthroughs.

I hiked the AT and PCT with only map and compass.  I never believed in resting my life on something that operates on batteries.  Many GPS users agree, and so they also carry map and compass.  I'd rather save the weight and just rely on the map and compass and knowledge and skill to use them proficiently.  I'll be hiking the CDT next and am wondering if there are any CDT hikers out there without GPS and who rely only on map and compass.

Tall Glass

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