[Cdt-l] A controversial subject: The CDT-L is awful.

Patrick Beggan meta474 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 08:36:20 CST 2009

Yeah, I'm not a fan of e-mail lists either. I feel like the best format would probably be a wiki, but I just don't see it happening any time soon. People have been trying to get a movement going to change the PCT-L and CDT-L etc. to either a forum or a wiki for awhile and no one is making the move. Largely, I'd wager, because in the end just staying with the format we have now requires no effort or adaptation. And then there's the people that couldn't handle a forum (much less a wiki), technologically speaking.

And the other reason is because hardly anyone wants to be the first to make a move to another format. I know that's the one I'm about to pull, since in the end a discussion group is only as good as the amount of people you have available to discuss things.

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