[Cdt-l] CDT signs along the various routes in New Mexico?

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We hiked in 2006.  There were brand new trail signs in the bootheel on the official route.  When we drove past in 2008  there were actually two sets of trailsigns - the old ones we followed along the jeep roads and new ones that headed across the desert, avoiding one of the water sources.  We heard the signs continued to Lordsburg, but not into the forest.  There may be signs on the new trail just south of the Burro Mountains.  We missed them - but ran into the trail crew working on the new trail.  


I don't know whether any new trail has been constructed yet around Silver City.  They were working on it in 2006, supposedly.  We saw a trailhead just north of the city.  We chose to follow Jonathan's route instead into and through the Gila.  


We ran into a few trail signs north of there.  San Pedro Parks was marked.  The new Trail south of Cuba was cairned.  Ojitos Canyon was marked and the trail around Cecilia Spring - though the trail markers ran out near the highway. There were some trail markers north of Ghost Ranch.  There were some markers in the Carson Forest, but they didn't necessarily connect.  (i,e, you get dropped off in the middle of nowhere when the pink ribbons run out.)   There is new trail south of Cumbres Pass - but I'm not sure whether it is complete and whether it is all marked.  It is several miles longer than Jim Wolf's route.  


The only time we found navigation a problem in NM was either going through a burn (the infamous Wagontongue Mtn.) or when we followed trail markers on new trail that ended abruptly.  If you run into markers that you aren't expecting that go someplace that isn't on your map - watch out.  It can be fun to follow them, but you may not end up where you intend.





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Good morning,
I am jumping in the loop.  My intentions are to hike the CDT NM section from Columbus to Chama.   I have finished all the rest of the CDT so I will achieve CDT10.
Has anyone been out on the trail last season and can tell me if there are any CDT signs along the route?  Intend to use Wolf north to Doc Campbells and use JL red route north to Chama.
I know the CDTA has been doing some trail work in NM but have any signs gone in the ground.   Are they posts?  hammered to a fench post?  A plastic post?
My experience having done CO, MT and WY is there are very few signs along the route.
Any different in NM?
I am 63yo and still enjoying being out on the long trails.  Happy holidays.

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