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I think the bus from Alamosa to Denver and the shuttle from East Glacier to Waterton/Chiefs Mt are a given.  Last year the best way to get from East Glacier to Denver was by Amtrak to Seattle and Alaska Air to Denver.  It is important to find discount airlines that will give reasonable one way fares a short time out.   Unfortunately, the fare structure changes all the time, and flying to Minneapolis and taking Amtrak the other way may be just as good next summer.  I don't remember the relative fares to Spokane; it may have been that the late night arrival time was not desirable.  
 East Glacier has an Avis counter, but one way rentals are not usually cost effective for one.  
Just because I thought of it, does not make this flip a good idea.
> > It used to be where you could take the bus in a northerly route from > Alamosa, CO to Shelby, MT and then the trail to Glacier. Now the bus > takes a circuitous route and will drop you in Kalispell. There supposed > to be a shuttle from near there to West Glacier and East Glacier. > Sorry, I don't know the name. > > I tried hitching, but after 3.5 hours broke down and rented a car one, > way for $150, plus gas. I was able to use it to get to Two Medicine for > my permit and browning to shop. I also slept in it since the hostel was > full and rooms were $70.> > Sly> > Melanie Simmerman wrote:> > I'm planning on starting my hike northbound in New Mexico and then probably flipping up to Glacier - mid-June approximately.> >> > I've been researching ways to get up to Glacier from where I'll be (in Colorado) and am wondering what's the best option. I see flights from Denver to Kalispell - then I guess you get a shuttle to East Glacier? Not cheap. Greyhound goes only to Whitefish, not sure how to get from there to East Glacier. > >> > Any Southbounders going about that time who are coming from Colorado and able to offer a shuttle?> >> > Anyone know of any other creative options (other than hitching)??> > Thanks,> > Melanie> >
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